Whether it is a home, office building or an industrial operation, waterproofing is a given for New Zealand's weather. GMR Holmac can install liquid and sheet applied membranes to wall claddings, below ground floors and water holding or retaining structures to protect your home or building from costly water damage.


Waterproofing would be one of the most important things to consider when planning your project. There are a multitude of systems on the market that all achieve different levels of weathertightness. Using the correct product/system is very important, but the single most important step is the application of the product/system.

GMR Holmac Ltd are licensed applicators for a wide range of Waterproofing products. We have carried out critical waterproofing on projects from Data Centres to Substation floors.

Below are some of our trusted Waterproofing suppliers - we are licensed applicators for all of these suppliers -

Waterproofing Systems