Membrane Roofing

Primarily GMR Holmac carries out this work in the residential and commercial sectors. This type of work includes the installation of liquid and sheet applied membranes to gutters, flat roofs, lift wells, decks and the like.

Membrane Roofing

Primarily GMR Holmac Ltd carries out this work in the commercial sector. GMR Holmac Ltd are applicators for some of the best membrane roofing systems on the market. If you require membrane roofing for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Chances are we have a system to suit your project. Our Director alone has over 40 years experience in membrane roofing, combined with our team - our experience would total well over 100 years.

For roofing membrane that is past its use-by date, we also have a wide range of systems that can improve the weathertightness of the membrane and can be applied over the existing membrane.

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Waterproofing Systems