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Wintec Whare

GMR Holmac nabbed a top accolade for our workmanship on Wintec's "wharenui with a modern twist."

Brian Miller (Master Painters CEO) said the our work was contemporary and displayed sensitivity to both the environment and cultural surrounds. Some of the areas had to remain hidden from public display until the building was officially opened.

Adrian Maxwell (GMR Contracts Manager) described his winning entry for the Waikato Institute of Technology: "The Wintec Wharenui was carried out by senior staff members and the client demanded very high standards and recognition of cultural issues" (Resene's Write on Wall paint, Uracryl, Drydens Wood Oil, Nuplex Terraflake)

(Master Painters Article) Historical Note:

The wharenui is being built on top of the hill, opposite the Gallagher Hub. This land is of historical importance to Maori and belonged to local hapu Ngati Wairere. Many years ago, a Tuahu (ceremonial altar) named Te Ahurewa stood on the peak of the ridge and protected the Mauri (life force) of the hill, its fertility and associated life sustaining properties. The hill was also an observation point from which pre-European Maori watched for the skies for the appearance of certain stars and constellations which marked the timing for different phases of planting and harvesting of crops.