The Grand Chateau


The work was done in two stages.

Stage 1: Undertake a full repainting programme to all external surfaces of The Grand Chateau, while allowing the client to continue their own trading operations.

Stage 2: Provide all tradesman labour and equipment to assist with the development of a new 40 room addition to the existing hotel complex. All work to comply with Department of Conservation and Resource Consent.  

Contract Notes

The exterior renovation of this historic hotel required highly skilled tradesmen to undertake the restoration and repainting work to bring it up to its original 1929 standard.  At around 660 metres above sea level the extreme alpine weather patterns could never be underestimated, even to the extent of full winter gear being needed in the height of summer. The exterior finishes to the new 40 room extension required an extremely high level of workmanship to ensure no visual difference occured between the old and new elevations.