The removal of an existing redundant coating and installation of a new fibreglass reinforced system to the floor and walls of the brine hall containment vessels. Area: 3,900 square meters

Contract Notes

The Brine Hall complex consists primarily of twelve containment tanks, each with an average capacity of 420 cubic metres. A series of channels around the perimeter, in conjunction with a large 817 m3 buffer tank direct the flow of salt brine and product to and from the complex. An extremely tight timeframe for the job completion was imposed to ensure the complex was ready to receive the new seasons milk deliveries.

Up to 16,000psi water jets were utilised to remove the existing coating and profile the substrate surface ready to receive the new fibreglass coating. Given the food manufacturing nature of this unique facility, stringent QA/QC protocols were implemented to ensure the hygiene integrity of the work site was maintained at all times.